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-> Green HealthCare
Sintex International Limited promotes a new model of health care based on the understanding that human and environmental health are inextricably linked. In this model, we advocate as well lead the Green Health Care based on homoeopathy
Our vision of Green Health Care takes us beyond the natural health care, calling upon every stake holder,
health professionals and beneficiary to “do more good.” We believe that the stake holders in health and health professionals—by focusing more on prevention, precaution, education, and wellness—can significantly contribute to improving the health of their patients, community, and the environment. The consumers may rise up to their personal health as well environmental concern by resorting to Homoeopathy-the Greenest Medicinal system available today. In Green Health Care, pollution free housing and work place maintenance, literacy around local environmental health issues, and the use of safe, effective, precaution-based homoeopathic medicine are all intrinsic parts of advance and eco-friendly health care that is good for people and the environment. 10
->  Why Green Health Care?
Human health is compromised daily by ongoing environmental degradation

Health care must be part of the solution
Green Health Care improves the health of people and the environment
Green Health Care is medicine for our future Several notable “green” efforts exist today in the health care field focused on addressing the negative environmental impacts of hospital/modern health Institute resource use and disposal. These important hospital-based initiatives promote the use of safer medical supplies and materials, and the reduction of toxic medical waste.

What has been overlooked is the important role of primary health care practitioners operating in small- to medium-sized clinics. We intend to motivate these family practitioners that are influential and important group to transform health care as we know it.

->  Ecologically Sustainable Medicine (ESM)
Advances medicine with environmental integrity by offering affordable and renewable medical choices—saving resources and money—while preserving the health of the environment.
Sustainable medicine recognizes the link between the environment, medicine and human health and seeks to provide better health care while protecting our limited environmental and medical resources. The delivery of medicine based on GREEN Healthcare ethos becomes increasingly more sustainable.
Become aware of the environmental impact of conventional medicine. 
Emphasize wellness in daily medical practice and choose   
ESM treatments first. 
Recognize the importance of ecological health in medical ethics. 
Promote the psychological and cultural benefits of sustainable medicine.
Green Health Care Company

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